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Barry Shore Foundation

barry shore foundation

Mike, Neal, and Barry

March 28, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I’ve spent two weeks thinking about this and struggling to find the words.  On March 13, 2013 my Uncle Barry passed away after a long and difficult battle with cancer.  Uncle Barry changed his name decades ago from Schwarzberger to Shore for both personal and professional reasons.  Our family business was originally founded by my grandfather Arthur Schwarzberger and named after himself and his first son Barry.  Most of you are not aware that the company was first known as AB Manufacturing, Co. of Chicago.  Years later my father Michael (Barry’s brother) was born and my grandfather renamed the business ABM Industries. 

Barry Shore was a very hardworking man. His career was very important to him and everyone knew it. I was very proud of my uncle and everything that he accomplished. He came from a simple hard working family and spent a lifetime protecting his brother and the family. My uncle taught me everything I know about being a businessman.  He gave me the skills to sell, take care of my customers and employees and taught me how to operate our business. We worked well together, we didn’t always agree, but always got along. I didn’t always appreciate his ideas, but looking back I am forever grateful for the experience and knowledge he shared with me.  I am happy to be running ABM today and look forward to continuing Arthur, Barry and Michael’s legacy. 

Even though my uncle Barry spent countless hours at work, he made a lot of time for his family. He was easily one of the world’s greatest fathers.  Uncle Barry had five children and an amazing wife, Sybil.  Barry had two sons Rick and Robby and three daughters Bonnie, Lisa and Susie.  When I was a kid we joked that they were the Brady bunch and lived the perfect suburban lives.  He was so amazing with his family; he had to be the envy of the town.  Every time I visited as a kid I looked up to my uncle Barry and enjoyed playing with my cousins at his awesome house.  He was that cool uncle that everyone admired and loved.  No matter what I said or did he always listened intently and had great advice for me.  My uncle never judged me for my actions; he just smiled and said that I was unique.

Uncle Barry was a complicated person; to his family he was shy and quiet, but to the business world he was very outgoing and many would describe him as being boisterous. His voice would fill a room and when he laughed, it made you feel like you understood each other; it really warmed your soul. He had this laugh that is sincere and deep, I will miss it immensely.  Because of his outgoing nature my uncle had a lot of friends. His staff loved and respected him and when you met him it was hard not to like him. He was always there for the underdog, helping young people from all walks of life.  If you had a question, or were trying to start a business or just looking for work, you could count on Barry being the guy that would go the extra mile for you.  He always walked in others shoes and never disrespected anyone.  I know so many successful businessmen today that owe a portion of their success to my Uncle.  From accountants to lawyers to vending route owners, they all requested advice from Barry and their lives were changed forever from the encounter.

My father Michael and Uncle Barry were very close.  They worked together for nearly fifty years.  Michael, his wife Donna, Barry and Sybil went out as couples at least once a month to the theater or dinner.  My dad always looked forward to seeing his older brother and has been affected by this loss deeply.

The thing I will miss most of all is my Uncle walking into my office unannounced, sitting in the chair across from me, folding his arms, cracking that smile and saying “so tell me, what’s new today, Neal?”

There are very few people I can attribute to having affected my life as much as my Uncle and to this I am forever grateful.  I have decided to create a memorial on his behalf; the “Barry Shore foundation”.  I would like to raise money for cancer research towards a cure and I ask that you donate to the foundation.  No denomination is too small; please feel free to send whatever amount you are comfortable with. 

Please make your check payable to the Barry Shore foundation or visit our website and donate through the shopping cart.  This is a tax deductible 501C-3 charity.  Please mail your donations to:

Barry Shore Foundation
Po Box 1820
Montgomery, TX 77356-1820

God Bless all of you.

Neal Schwarzberger
ABM International, Inc.




Thank you so much for your generosity.