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Quilting Tips from Andrea Brokenshire

  • Quilt when you're happy! The joy shines through in your finished creation.
  • Trust yourself!  You instinctively know what your quilt needs next.
  • Listen to music or a book while quilting!  A pleasant atmosphere makes you happy (see tip one :).
  • Get Comfortable!  Make sure your chair/stool is set at the right height so your arms are positioned at a 90 degree angle.
  • Use the highest quality materials!  Every project has the potential to become your masterpiece.
  • Change needle with each new project!  It is one of the least expensive ways to ensure quality results.
  • Choose the best tools for the job!  The right machine with great stitching and the ability to use multiple types of threads makes striving for perfection an enjoyable persuit. I love my Innova! Lightning Stitch is simply the best!
  • Visibility is important!  Use an open toe foot and a quilting machine with a lot of clear space around the needle bar.
  • Lighting makes a difference!  Using the blacklight helps define texture and allows me to see where I've already quilted.
  • Let your work shine!  Treat your finished work like a winner and put it up for display.  Just another happy moment....
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