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Tension control is an art form and it becomes very difficult when you substitute O.E.M. parts with inferior quality generic parts.  Over the years we’ve learned that generic bobbins can cause all kinds of tension issues because of an improper fit the bobbin case.  Innova customers expect the very best, that's why the folks at Innova have designed the highest quality M bobbin and changed its color to red so that its distinguished and easy to identify. 

Innova prides itself on advanced engineering and superior customer service that REALLY makes the difference.  That's why you'll find Innova's Red Vortex Bobbin in every Innova longarm quilting machine.  

They are Red so our customers can easily identify the Innova Red Vortex Bobbin as precision engineered by Innova, for Innova. The manufacturing of Innova's Red Vortex Bobbin is held to the strictest of tolerances providing unmatched reliability in quality stitch performance.

 If it’s not RED, it’s not a VORTEX.

Get the Red Vortex, only from Innova!