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Thanks for Your Help

Michael -- it was so fantastic that you were available to answer my call today. Once you helped Aimee find the bracket under the carriage that was hanging up the motion, she saw a big improvement in the Innova's responsiveness and ease of movement. However, it was still not where she expected it to be but she sounded convinced it was something peculiar about my machine. She said she was still very much interested in the Innova and will either go down to Amy Hunter's shop in Kansas City and try hers or wait until the Omaha Quilt Show when I believe Amy Hunter has a booth (I am checking on that).

The reason she is looking to switch from her A-1 to something else is that she has had so many maintenance issues and is not happy with customer service -- they have changed out the head three times and they still can't find the problem. I told her that would never happen with an Innova and then you proved that ABM customer service is the greatest. She was impressed. I will be at Paducah in April and will try free-motion on the show machines to see if I can tell the difference. Since I am doing all computer quilting, I don't have a problem. But if the Innova dealers want to send potential Omaha area customers to me for a hands-on trial, I need to make sure the machine works well.