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Why I Bought My Innova

I bought my Innova from Teryl after learning on 2 different machines and trying many others. I love how easy it is to care for (it doesn't need as much oil as the Gammill I had rented at a LQS-therefore no "diaper" for oil) as well as how light in comparison to some others like the Gammill. I had a class at Road 2 California last year and we used Gammills in class. It felt like I really had to muscle it in comparison to my Innova. I bought a 26" with LS, since I tend to make large quilts and like to be able to quilt a larger area. I will be able to quilt my large (~18 ") on point blocks without having to roll the quilt.

I prefer to do pantos and freehand rather than computer, so I can't give you any personal opinion on the AutoPilot, since the LS is the only computerized part of my Innova. Teryl and John are wonderful and very helpful. Jason is also great.

- Caryn