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We are all newbies at one time or another and as we progress we look back and think 'why didn't I do that sooner.' I think you'll find this about PantoVision...I have said this before...It is a computer program, being attached to an electrical, mechanical device operating through yet another version of Windows by a human...there is a learning curve and if it were easy everyone would do it. For me, if it weren't for PanotVision I would have never attempted to longarm. It only makes sense having worked with power tools all my life that you stand in front of the machine...In my opinion Pantovision brought longarming into the 21st Century, it created a more ergonomically correct posture for the user and added a much higher level of organization and provides opportunities for design that was previously limited. I just ordered Pre Design Studio III yesterday to compliment our PantoVision. It will allow us to design our own patterns and import them into Panto and at the cost of $15 per pattern will pay for itself rather quickly. I guess that's just my frugal part standing out. When the designers had to do the creation of the pattern, supply the paper, ink and machine to print that was a fair price...I just have a hard time justifying that expense to send me a file via email. We have a 22", 12' with a Standard Stitch Regulator that is complimented with PantoVision. If we could go back and do it over would we do anything differently...well it took a lot of research, going to shows, comparing machines and hours of discussions...yes it would be different...we would have gone with our gut decision and gotten Innova with PantoVision like six months sooner. 

Les and Elaine Virginia Beach, VA

Boersma’s installed my Innova with Lightening Stitch a few weeks ago and all I can say is WOW!  I am in love with this machine.  The lightening stitch regulator can keep up with my incredibly slow pace as I stitch within the appliqué, a slow and time consuming process.  It has no problem going through three layers of batting.  Doesn’t mind if I am using trilobal polyester thread or nylon monofilament.  The precision is awesome, if I stop the machine stops and stays right where I stopped it.  I couldn’t be more pleased.

I am currently working in my manic mode right now trying to get my next competition quilt completed in time to enter the Houston Show.  I kid you not; I am currently working on it at least 40 hours a week on the quilt, in addition to my full time job as an Organizational Change Manager.  I am up at 2:30 every morning quilting until I get ready for work and spend another 26 hours on the weekend.  I tell you, I have tying on, tying off, and burying threads down to a fine art!  So keep your fingers crossed that I can get the quilt finished in time for Houston.  Good news is if I can’t make the deadline, I will know that I did everything humanly possible to achieve my goal.

I included a picture of my Innova with my quilt on it just for the fun of it!

Best Regards,
Mary Olson

M Olson Innova


WOW, thank you for sending Keith over the divide. Other than the tension issue, he got the rails equal distance apart, leveled or lowered the wheels, checked the timing and tuned it up a bit and lowered the back take up rail. The machine is so smooth now. it used to feel like it was trying to jump off the table.

Keith installed the new tension unit and worked great and worked as hard as he could to get it to mess up. It was GREAT! I know why I purchased an Innova and all of the owners are not wrong. ABM is the best. Thank you for your help. Please tell Keith thank you again.

Michelle Clubb

Hi Heidi,

I know that you are probably away and that you probably don't remember me. I live in Virginia, and I bought the machine factory direct from you over the phone one Saturday morning. i jsut want to tell you that I love my new machine. It is awesome. It's quiet. I love the open toe foot. The stitiches are super. The table is the best. I'm so happy.

Also I want to say thank you for the gift package that you sent. I love the little oil pen gizmo, the SITD ruler, and the Pam Clark book and stencils are wonderful. And the INNOVA pin. I will wear it at my next quilt show.

Sew many thanks,
Patricia Kaszycki

Do not hesitate to call Mr. Wonderful (Michael). When I posted a problem last week, within minutes my phone rang and guess who it was? I tell you, the man doesn't sleep and he loves to help us. I will never buy anythign but an ABM Innova. Their customer service is #1

Kathy in NY

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Innova. Keith Lowe did a fantastic job of installing my machine. He answered all my questions and he was extremely patient. He arrived promtly and worked non-stop the entire time. He's extremely professional and an all around nice guy. I have a question or two for Michael but the machine runs as smooth as silk.

Thank you for your assistance in getting the install scheduled in spite of everyone's busy schedule. I misplaced Heidi's email, so thank her again for me.

Nancy Bailey

Dear Michael,

Thank you for sending someone to check out my machine. Matt arrived in his uniform and was very professional. I learned so much from him and he really made my day when he gave me a grand tour of his rig. I just love that engine. Just listening to it made my blood boil. I sure do miss jamming gears, best job I ever had.

Anyway, I want you to know that I love you for having taken the time to educate me about the industry and helping  me to learn to fix my machine. Maybe someday our paths will cross so I can know you are a real person and not a voice overlay. 

Thanks for making the best machine in the world. Matt showed me how to add drag so I will play with that.


Lynn Tancig

I wanted to send a quick note expressing my heartfelt gratitude for Michael in the service depatment. 

I have emailed Mike on a number of occasions as I come to grips with the Innova Longarm and accessories and every single time he has responded quickly and professionally and with amazing expertise that has resolved my problem. He does not hesitate to pick up the phone and call me and I am very grateful. He is so patient and kind and understanding and incredibly can explain technical thngs so that I understand. I believe your service department is second to none.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful service for clients like me that are located so far away from your business, especially when I am new to the technology of these wonderful machines - I truly appreciate it.

Kind Regards,

Diana Bagley

Neal, Heidi & Matt,

Thank you ever so much for the Innova Longarm Machine Dream Studio giveaway in connection with AQS in Paducah!

I am still in awe and amazement of the fabulous machine. It is a pleasure to have met all of you and will definitely stay in contact. 

This quilting journey has just begun and will be shared with many. Thank you for your generosity of a gift of pride from your company. 

Thanks you; Neal. Thank you; Heidi, and thank you Matt for coming to assemble the longarm at my home.

Also- thanks Kandy. You are all awesome!

Blessings to you & your company,
Janice Vines
Ashland, OH.

I love my Innova...... HUGE!

- Tim

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