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My Innova Testimonial

I would like to give this testimonial regarding my purchase on an Innova ABM International machine. I previously had a APQS, in fact three heads in a year. I had nothing but trouble with the APQS from timing, to it starting by its self when I was not even near the machine ruining quilts, to a machine starting to smoke and make the most horrible grinding sound imaginable.
If there is anyone that thinks that cheaper machines are a good deal they are quite wrong. Innova is built to quilt! It has been error free for me since I bought it a year ago. It is smooth, quiet, and accurate! Something I never ha with the other machine. The lightening stitch fires the stitches in place so that EVERY stitch looks the same and never fails or pulls. The
ease of care of this machine is incredible and maintaining it is so much easier. The support for any questions you might have is available 24/7 and answered within a minute or two not 2-3 days later. The ability to add on components without having to buy a new machine head is an excellent reason for investing in this companies machines!! I could not in any way be happier with my purchase!

Cheryl Szynkowski