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Proud Owner

This is a company that is passionate about their product. For anybody interested in a review of Innova, I would like to say that I am a new and proud owner of an 18" SR Innova machine. I cannot say enough words to describe how happy I am with this product. It sews beautifully and does everything I hoped for. It is a very dependable and a well made machine and frame. I have had my Innova for almost 2 months and have had 2 thread breaks!!! Both were my fault.

I bought my machine from Virginia Long arm Network and went there from Pa for Sat and Sun weekend training. Val, Michelle, and Polly are experts and I feel I had superior training. They covered everything from maintenance to loading the quilt to sewing. With their knowledge and expertise, I came home with much confidence. Greg came and set my machine up and I was sewing perfect stitches in less than 4 hours.

Customer service is phenomenal. I had to call Mike because I bought the high performance tension assembly and he walked me though the installation of it without any problem. I had noticed that when sewing circles it seemed alittle stiff and I confirmed this when I was in Va using their machines, so I had emailed Mike and the next day got a phone call from VLN saying that Greg would be at my house on a fri (Good Friday) and check it out. I did not expect anyone to come to my house especially on a long holiday weekend. Greg came and sure enough my right front wheel was loose and needed replacement(I bought a demo).The family owned company of ABM and the Virginia Longarm Network is a prime example of people who are passionate about their product and have a lot of pride and stands behind what they sell.

Thank You
Karen Charles