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Why would anyone buy any other machine? - Jane O'Clair

I got my 26" Innova back in 2010 (it was a dealer demo) and I couldn't be happier with my investment. The machine is a true workhorse and has done everything I have ever asked of it and taken any thread I have thrown at her, including specialty threads like metallic and holographic. I recently decided to upgrade to Lightning Stitch (not factory installed). After only 3 quilts I started getting some error messages and as valiantly as tech support tried to walk me through all the possible causes we could not fix it over the phone. Lucky for me I was able to drop the head off at the Innova facility in New York for some expert TLC my dealer couldn't do. Not only did they find the problem but also a few others I wasn't even aware of. They fixed her up and at NO CHARGE!!! Now THAT is customer service. My now almost 9 year old machine is operating like new. Many longarm manufacturers will promise you the sun and the moon at point of sale, but good luck getting any support afterwards. Innova stands behind their products and makes sure the customer is satisfied for years, even decades, after the sale. I am so happy I went with the best machine and the best company when I invested in a longarm. Why would anyone buy any other machine?


Jane O'Clair, NY