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White Van

An unidentified white van came to our house at 930 this a m and things happened. 
Matt, Keith and newbie Jim made it happen today! They installed my AutoPilot; I learned, we laughed, we ate brownies and a quick but late lunch - near 4 p m. 

How exciting! Of course the "A" Team did a fabulous job. Worked all day, did other things: installed my Pro-Tension, horizontal spool, and front laser. They also wondered why my old tension system never failed me b/c it was not only installed incorrectly but had an additional spacer that they had never seen. My rule has been not to fix it if it isn't broken hence I had no idea it was wrong. 

Sew tonight I'm the happiest person in Gainesville FL. I pray the unmarked van continues to sprinkle its expertise as it safely speeds along the highways and byways!!

Bless this great team and ABM!!
Liz Torrence