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M24 Rotating Sew Head | INNOVA | 360 Tour

Learn about the patented rotating sew head on the INNOVA M24.

MASK APPLIQUE using draw with machine

AutoPilot Mach 3. How to mask an applique using the Draw tool.

Morph in AutoPilot Mach 3

How to use the Morph function in AutoPilot Mach 3.

Navigator P2 First Look

Get to know the new Navigator P2 operating screens and tools.

PantoVision T2 Digital Pantograph Program | INNOVA | Longarm Quilting

See whats new for PantoVision T2!

Quick Clips Antler Stocking Edit Text

Create customized lettering for the Antler Christmas Stocking project.

Quick Clips Antler Stocking Path Apply

Learn how to add Path Apply to the Antler applique for the Antler Christmas Stocking Project.

Quick Clips Crosshatch Antler Stocking

Create the crosshatch for the Antler Christmas Stocking project.

Quick Clips Mask Fill Antler Stocking

Learn how to create a fill using the AutoPilot Mach 3 Mask feature for the Antler Christmas Stocking project.

Quilt Binding Tutorial

How to Bind a quilt by machine. Perfect for quilts that are used, loved, and washed a lot.

Recognizing a Good Stitch

Renae Haddadin explains how to recognize a good stitch. She also shows us how to recognize if the top tension is too loose or too tight.

Replacing the Needle | INNOVA

Learn how to replace a needle and the parts of the needle explained by Matt Dorey from ABM International.