Lower Carriage Installation

M24 Hand Wheel | INNOVA | 360 Tour

Learn about the INNOVA M24 Flywheel.

M24 Rotating Sew Head | INNOVA | 360 Tour

Learn about the patented rotating sew head on the INNOVA M24.

Machine Leg Assembly

MASK APPLIQUE using draw with machine

AutoPilot Mach 3. How to mask an applique using the Draw tool.

Master Tags

Master Tags for AutoPilot Mach 3

Morph in AutoPilot Mach 3

How to use the Morph function in AutoPilot Mach 3.

Multiply Function

Navigating the Screen

Navigator P2 First Look

Get to know the new Navigator P2 operating screens and tools.

PantoVision ~ Advancing Rows

This tutorial refers to advancing your quilt and quilting remaining rows which is documented on page 13 of the PantoVision manual. Sherry also demonstrates the re-sizing option using the sew head.

PantoVision Save and Tag Features

Setting master tags and saving patterns or rows in your PantoVision library.